Vocational Dimension of Wellness: What Seniors Have to Offer

by | Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, Senior Living

Making an impact doesn’t stop when you retire. At Navion, we believe that everyone possesses gifts that they need to use in order to feel fulfilled. Through vocational wellness, seniors can continue sharing their knowledge and abilities to benefit both themselves and others.

Vocational wellness means finding enrichment and satisfaction from your work, and the need for this feeling of wellness doesn’t stop once you’re out of the working world. Older adults still have a great deal of talents to share and it’s imperative that they use them.

One way seniors can do this is by volunteering – either within their senior living home or in the larger community. Within their senior living community, this can include:

  • Gardening and helping maintain the community’s grounds
  • Organizing a fundraiser for a cause they care about
  • Planning an activity, outing, or special event
  • Assisting with meals and/or clean up

Outside of their home, seniors can contribute to their community by helping with food drives, assisting with a local political campaign, mentoring or tutoring, taking part in a trash clean-up, and more.

By prioritizing their vocational wellness, we can help the seniors in our lives feel confident, accomplished, and engaged.

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