Team Member Testimonial – There’s Nothing Like Navion!

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In 2013, I started working as the Business Office Manager of a senior living community that is now Carolina Reserve of Durham. This marked the beginning of my enriching journey in senior living — a sector new to me despite my extensive professional experience. I quickly developed a profound connection with the residents and their families, driven by personal insights from my family’s experiences. The role not only offered me the chance to immerse myself in their stories and wisdom but also instilled a deep appreciation for the community’s vibrant spirit.

In 2015, the company I was working for was acquired by Navion Senior Solutions. It was a pivotal moment, highlighted by CEO Steve Morton personally requesting I remain part of the evolving team. I’m proud to now serve our Navion residents and their families as a Corporate Business Office Manager. I have grown and matured in my role and embraced changes and challenges along the way. Challenges can make us or break us, and I’ve always chosen to use them as learning opportunities that shape me into a better person and more valuable team member.

Those who know me know I am very compassionate and caring. I believe one of my best life gifts is the ability to serve others with a great deal of patience and concern. My capacity to share knowledge and guide others in various tasks has empowered me to lead my team with patience and care, following the Navion approach to navigating all situations.

When presenting in new team member orientations, I emphasize that finding joy in caring for and connecting with residents is crucial. It’s not just about the basics of care; it’s about building deeper relationships and demonstrating patience, compassion, and professionalism. Navion hires those who embody these values, recognizing they’re essential for delivering the high-quality, meaningful care our residents deserve.

When I reflect on my time with Navion, it’s clear that the essence of our work goes beyond the confines of a job. It’s about creating a continuum of enriching experiences for our residents, embodying the spirit of service that is the cornerstone of our mission. As I heard recently, “we work in their homes, they don’t live in our offices.” This is the Navion way… there’s Nothing like Navion!


Kathy Sprinkle

Corporate Business Office Manager

Paducah, KY

Rivercrest Place

Somerset, KY

Highlands Square

Manchester, TN

McArthur Manor

Fredericksburg, VA

Chancellor's Village