Team Member Testimonial – Journey of Growth and Fulfillment at Navion Senior Living

by | Team Testimonial


For just over four years, I have had the privilege of being a part of the Navion Senior Solutions family—a period that has been transformative both personally and professionally. As a Registered Nurse by trade, my journey with Navion began in a hybrid role, overseeing clinical and operations at the regional level. This opportunity, which initially came to me by mistake, has proven to be a very fortunate turning point in my career.

Navion Senior Living’s mission to foster a positive and growth-oriented workplace for its team members resonates deeply with my experiences. From the beginning, I sensed a company culture that not only accepted my weaknesses but also believed in and celebrated my strengths. This, to me, is a true gift—one that has fueled my growth journey with Navion.

Undoubtedly, the path to my current role as Senior Regional Director of Operations has been marked by challenges and roadblocks. However, as a wise woman once told me, it’s not about avoiding brick walls but about how you respond and recover from them that defines success. This philosophy has been my guiding light throughout my journey with Navion, empowering me to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

Naturally ambitious and driven, I’ve always held a high level of accountability for myself. What sets Navion apart is its recognition of individual strengths and the encouragement to leverage them for the collective success of the team. My ability to mentor others and lead them to success has become my greatest joy—transforming what was once considered a weakness into one of my greatest strengths. As a leader, I find immense satisfaction in instilling in others the same support and guidance I received from my leaders at Navion. Witnessing the professional development and success of my team members is not only fulfilling, but also a testament to the company’s commitment to creating a meaningful continuation of life experiences for all residents and their families.

The innovative care techniques and continuous pursuit of new technologies and best practices at Navion are reflective of a company dedicated to staying at the forefront of senior living. This commitment not only ensures the well-being of residents but also provides a dynamic and evolving environment for its employees. I can confidently say that I have never experienced such a high level of job satisfaction before. This sense of fulfillment is my driving force to continue contributing to the success of Navion Senior Solutions. I am grateful for the opportunities for growth, the supportive culture, and the meaningful work that we do for seniors and their families. Here’s to many more years of shared success and meaningful experiences with Navion Senior Living.


Hollie Bailey

Senior Regional Director of Operations