Team Member Testimonial – Discovering Growth and Fulfillment at Navion Senior Solutions

by | Team Testimonial

headshotFor the past four and a half years, I have had the sincere pleasure of being a part of the Navion Senior Solutions team. In this time, I have witnessed remarkable growth – from four communities in North Carolina to an impressive 49 communities spanning the entire southeast region of the United States. My journey at Navion has been an incredible one, marked by personal and professional development.

Starting as the Sales Director at Carolina Reserve of Durham, my path led me to my current role as Regional Director of Operations overseeing eight communities across North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. My growth wasn’t about climbing the corporate ladder; it was about understanding both sides of the business – operations and sales. I owe much of this transformation to the exceptional leadership of individuals like Patricia McCulloh, who is now the Senior Vice President of Division I. Patricia’s guidance, along with the support of other instrumental team members like Hollie Bailey and Stephen Chapman, has challenged me and provided invaluable mentorship throughout my journey.

Embracing this opportunity for growth has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of our community teams and our company’s overarching vision – to cater to the needs of our growing senior population. What makes this journey even more remarkable is the incredible culture and positive work environment that Navion fosters. Amanda Wickert, Vice President of Engagement, is playing a pivotal role in creating an enriching experience for our #NavionNation.

Under the expert leadership of Jessica Latimer, SCPO of Division II, I have been able to thrive as Regional Director of Operations. Collaborating closely with my regional partners, Kendra Booher, Sarah Dixon and Donna Levesque has been an absolute joy, as our camaraderie and team spirit fuel our collective success.

As I reflect on my growth, I recognize that it has been fueled by Navion’s core values, including excellence, respect, trust, honor, and joy in service, among others. These values are instilled in us by none other than our founder and CEO, Steve Morton, who consistently emphasizes the importance of being a good human and doing the right thing for the right reason. This approach and his words of wisdom have shaped the face of Navion in how we build teams, lead our teams, and make decisions.

My interactions with Beverly Janco, COO at Navion, have also been transformative. She has shared with me some simple yet profound pieces of advice – “be present,” “be purposeful,” and “listen.” These words have provided me with a lens through which I approach and learn from all team members – from our dedicated team members to our cherished residents and their families. Their insights, experiences, and challenges offer a profound perspective that continues to shape my role.

If you’re seeking a workplace that exudes positivity, growth, and purpose, Navion Senior Solutions is undoubtedly the place to be. Join us, and experience the opportunities for personal and professional growth that await. As you’ll see, there’s truly #NothinglikeNavion.


Andrew Dellinger

Regional Director of Operations