COVID-19: Safety Protocols

Updated March 26, 2021

Safety Protocols

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We continually monitor new developments related to COVID-19, and we update and adapt our protocols in response to changing conditions in your area.

Navion apprises residents, family members, team members, and the broader community about its coronavirus response through its website and regular communication via social media. We encourage family members and friends to leverage online platforms—such as FaceTime and Zoom—to stay connected with their loved ones.

New Visitation
Protocols Announced
at Navion Communities

As most Navion residents have received COVID-19 vaccines, and as all of our 16 communities are COVID-free as of this date, we are pleased to announce that we are adjusting some of our previous visitation requirements. KEEP IN MIND: As pandemics are unpredictable, we will continue to monitor our communities daily to ensure we stay COVID-free. Should our visitation protocols change, we will let you know right here.

Inside Visitation

Each Navion community is now permitting family members to visit their loved ones, inside our communities, in 30-minute blocks of time. Please call your Navion community directly to schedule your visits ahead of time. We will continue to ensure that everyone is safely separated six feet apart. We will provide designated visiting areas, as in-residence visits are still not permitted other than for end-of-life situations. Please note that for the time being, only two visitors are permitted per visit with each resident.

Outside Visitation

As spring is on its way, we are pleased to begin offering outdoor visitation for our residents and family members (weather permitting, of course). All Navion communities will clearly designate outdoor areas that are accessible, safe, and comfortable, with appropriate protection from the sun.

Upon check-in, visitors will need to sign in, complete the required COVID-19 screening, and have their temperature taken by the staff. Per CDC recommendations, we will continue to require a 6-foot social distance during visits. Visiting areas will be non-smoking areas.

Residents must wear community-provided surgical masks for the duration of their visits, while visitors must wear cloth masks during the visit. Visitors are required to provide their own face covering.

Please check with
your Navion community.

Navion Senior Solutions is a family-owned and operated business providing services throughout five states in the country’s Southeast Region, offering independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities. Navion’s local and corporate leadership teams are closely monitoring developments related to COVID-19 in our marketplaces and adjusting our protocols to meet changing guidance from health authorities.

For those reasons, we encourage you to contact your Navion community directly to learn about any state, local, or building-specific COVID-19 protocols or precautions.

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For all Navion communities

  • Staff members throughout our communities have been designated as essential to ensure there are no interruptions in care.
  • We monitor our residents daily and check for any signs of illness.
  • We continue to screen all necessary and critical professionals and our staff for exposure risk, including taking temperatures. Those with any symptoms or known exposure risk cannot enter the community.
  • We have designated one entrance and exit where we screen staff members before they begin their shifts.
  • We are in close, continual communication with health officials in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia to ensure we are following all state and local guidelines.
  • We—and our residents—are following all recommended infection-control actions.
  • We are maintaining critical emergency supplies.
  • Staff members will continue to wear medical grade face masks, face shields, and gloves when providing care to ensure the highest protection for our residents.
  • We designate separate housekeeping carts for apartments of residents who have contracted COVID-19 and those who have not.
  • If you would like to drop off a “care package” for your loved one, please bring it to the main entrance of your Navion community. We will ensure it is delivered.

Contact your Navion community’s Executive Director with questions regarding state, local, or building-specific COVID-19 protocols or precautions.

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For all residents who have tested positive for COVID-19

  • The residents will have their meals delivered to them and their apartments cleaned by the designated caregiver, limiting anyone else from entering.
  • All residents will reside in their apartments. When staff members enter the apartment to provide care or assist with medications, they will ask the resident to wear an N95 mask. If a resident must leave their apartment for any reason, they will receive an N95 cover and exit the building through the nearest exit point.
  • Staff members are designated to care for those who have tested positive. Those staff members will wear full PPE, including an N95 mask, face shield, gown, and gloves. Those designated staff members will provide the residents with additional monitoring and assistance as needed.
  • Residents who have tested positive will have their temperatures and oxygen-saturation levels checked every four hours. Additional monitoring of vitals may occur under the direction of our RN based on each residents’ assessment.

We work with health officials in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.