Navion Introduces VisionTLC

by | Senior Living, VisionTLC

Market Analytics Leader Shares Founders With Navion

Company provides senior living communities with real-time insight

Navion approaches senior care from a quality improvement perspective. Toward that end, we created the industry’s leading market analytics platform, VisionLTC, to provide senior living operators, lenders, developers, and owners unparalleled, real-time insight into local market dynamics nationwide.

We founded VisionLTC to improve the tools, data, and analytics available to senior housing industry stakeholders. VisionLTC has rapidly emerged as the senior housing industry’s leading market analytics platform, serving many of the industry’s largest and most advanced stakeholders.

In the time since its founding, VisionLTC has dramatically expanded the breadth and depth of its platform capabilities. VisionLTC continues to carry out its dedicated focus on senior housing by bringing cutting-edge data and analytical capabilities to the industry.