Life Enrichment

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The Rich Life with Your Navion Family

At every community, we make it our mission to create meaningful life experiences for all residents and their families. Regardless of where you’ve been, we are committed to providing activities, programming and events that will bring you joy and fulfillment. Celebrate curiosity, inclusion and engagement every single day! This is senior living like you’ve never known it before.
There’s nothing like Navion.

Through our 7 Dimensions of Wellness, we create a rich environment for purpose-filled living that focuses on joy and possibilities while

celebrating and elevating aging.

Wellness Objectives

Social Wellness

Build healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships that support the fostering of genuine connection with those around you.

Emotional Wellness

Facilitate programs that support one’s awareness of their feelings, and ability to express and accept them in a way that encourages a sense of fulfillment and well-being. Foster an environment where humor and laughter are spontaneous, making happy the single most contagious emotion we have in our communities.

Environmental Wellness

Share ideas and ways to re-use and recycle, educate, participate and support each other in choosing “green” processes and providing opportunities to enjoy natural environments.

Vocational Wellness

Sharing knowledge and talents for continuous self- development and fulfillment connected to the personal reward of benefiting others.

Intellectual Wellness

Provide opportunities for continued learning and intellectually stimulating activities.

Physical Wellness

Provide programs that offer physical movement to support balance, strengthening, pre-habilitation and fun in recreation. Provide educational programs that promote healthy nutrition, sleep habits and stress relief.

Spiritual Wellness

Be deliberate in our efforts to foster feelings of well- being through purpose and connection. Practice mindfulness and be intentional about making each day the best that we can for all we serve.

2023 Resident Engagement Initiative:

Operation Celebrate & Elevate!

We are in pursuit of breathing life into every word we promise you in order to cultivate relationships and meaningful experiences. Throughout this year, we are elated for you to be a part of the Navion culture that fosters curiosity, celebration and connection. We believe vibrant synergy from our residents and associates make our communities – and world – a better place to live. From debunking aging myths to enhancing our dimensions of wellness, let’s join together to celebrate and elevate aging!