Home versus Senior Living during COVID-19

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Under normal circumstances, most people would say they’d rather age at home than in senior living. More than 90 percent, in fact, according to AARP. Then throw in a global pandemic and you won’t find many seniors leaving the house, much less moving to a community setting. We understand! Yes, seniors are high-risk for more severe complications from COVID-19. But what you may not realize is that senior living communities may be able to limit exposure to COVID-19 perhaps even more than at home. Let’s compare.

The Home-Field Advantage

The concept doesn’t just apply to sports. In considering home versus senior living, we know we’re at a disadvantage at least from an emotional perspective. Home is where you’ve made a lifetime of memories, it’s your comfort zone and where most seniors feel they belong.

Of course, there are other pluses too:

  • Caregiving can be provided by loved ones, a home care professional or a combination of both.
  • There are a range of home care services available including personal care, household chores, cooking and transportation as well as even occupational, physical and/or speech therapy.
  • You can avoid the stress of a move and may feel you’re maintaining your independence.
  • You can stay with family members who don’t yet need the same level of care. 

Then there are the minuses:

  • The strain of caregiving on your loved ones, even more so as COVID-19 creates additional challenges logistically and mentally.
  • The hourly cost of home care may seem less expensive on a limited basis, but what you spend overall can spiral quickly as needs increase.
  • Safety and accessibility modifications such as wheelchair ramps, bathroom handrails and an emergency response system may also become necessary which also add to the cost.
  • Isolation, lack of exercise and malnutrition are common among seniors living at home and may be further exacerbated during COVID-19.

Senior Living Surprises

First of all, you also may not be aware that senior living is actually a continuum of care with independent living as an entry point followed by assisted living and memory care. Your level of care is based on individual needs, but regardless, senior living throughout the continuum is focused on providing just the right amount of support for you to fully enjoy an active, engaging and worry-free lifestyle

Senior living pluses include:

  • Home maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, transportation and three healthy meals daily.
  • Multiple levels of care may be on the same campus which allows you to stay near friends, in familiar surroundings and have continuity of care as health needs evolve.
  • A range of amenities that often include a fitness center, pool, full-service salon and even concierge services.
  • A full calendar of social events, wellness and enrichment opportunities.

Better ability to limit exposure to COVID-19:

  • We follow the most up-to-date local, state and federal guidelines from cleaning to PPE to social distancing.
  • Everything you need is under one roof which prevents exposure to public touchpoints.
  • Our trained staff is experienced with outbreaks.
  • 24-hour staffing allows us to watch closely for and respond quickly to any potential symptoms.
  • We have only one point of access and safety checks for those entering the community.

Perhaps just as importantly, senior living offers peace of mind. We have a strong supply chain that eliminates any worry over out-of-stock necessities. Plus, we offer residents ample technology resources as well as creative, small group engagement to keep them engaged and connected. What’s more, you’re never alone; caring staff, neighbors and friends are always near.

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