COVID-19 Information

Updated December 17, 2020

COVID-19 Information

Precautions & Protocols

Vaccine Information

At Navion Senior Solutions, our residents and team members’ health, safety, and wellbeing are always our priorities.

In these incredibly challenging times, we are actively preparing for and mitigating the coronavirus’s impact within our communities. Our emergency crews and experienced operational and clinical teams continue working tirelessly to reduce exposure to and additional transmission of COVID-19.

Please check with
your Navion community.

Navion Senior Solutions is a family-owned and operated business providing services throughout five states in the country’s Southeast Region, offering independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities. Navion’s local and corporate leadership teams are closely monitoring developments related to COVID-19 in our marketplaces and adjusting our protocols to meet changing guidance from health authorities.

For those reasons, we encourage you to contact your Navion community directly to learn about any state, local, or building-specific COVID-19 protocols or precautions.

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Are you providing testing?

As part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ commitment to protecting residents and boosting surveillance of COVID-19, senior living communities must conduct testing of residents and staff. You can find information and guidelines concerning the CMMS testing requirements here. Your local Navion community is happy to explain additional testing requirements or practices for your area.

Team-member-testing frequency guidelines depend on the COVID-19 positivity rates for each Community’s county. County positivity rates are here (the archive is here). Senior living communities must monitor those rates every other week and adjust staff testing accordingly.

We are pleased to announce Navion’s COVID-19 official testing partnership with Magnolia Diagnostics of Dallas, Texas, one of the nation’s leading providers of COVID-19 testing specially designed for long-term care. Under this partnership, Navion’s communities will have test kits available onsite should a resident or team member show symptoms. The capability to rapidly identify and react to any suspected cases of COVID-19 is a significant benefit to our residents and team members, as they will have access to testing without leaving our communities.

Will you be administering vaccines?

Navion Senior Solutions will soon be offering our residents and associates FDA-approved COVID 19 vaccines administered by licensed professionals. We are providing the immunizations free of charge through our partnerships with Walgreens and CVS pharmacies. Click here for more information.

What precautions are you taking for dining?

We continue to serve meals in our dining rooms while following social distancing protocols. In most cases, residents can optionally pick up their meals in the dining room or arrange for staff to deliver them directly to their rooms.

May I visit my loved one?

We understand that this is a difficult time for those with loved ones in senior living communities. Our residents’ health and safety is our top priority, and we appreciate your assistance in protecting your family and friends. We also know that many of our residents miss their loved ones, and we encourage you to call them regularly and send cards and letters. We know they will appreciate your efforts. Our staff will help facilitate phone and video calls as needed.

Visitor rules vary depending on state and local government requirements, so please check with your local Navion community for clarification. Any rules in force extend to volunteers and non-essential healthcare providers.

How are residents keeping busy?

Our Life Enrichment Directors continue to develop new activities to keep our residents engaged. Many are exploring new hobbies such as poetry, journaling, or art projects. And residents are still enjoying some of their favorite activities, while social distancing and wearing masks. Please check with your Navion location as local and state mandates vary and are subject to change.

Who is coordinating Navion’s coronavirus response?

Dr. Sandra Petersen, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, GNP-BC, PMHNP-BE, FAANP, has joined Navion Senior Solutions as Coronavirus Response Principal. Dr. Petersen brings additional insight and experience to Navion’s leadership team. She helps create new protocols in response to constantly changing federal, state, and local recommendations and guidelines. Dr. Petersen has an extensive background in the medical and healthcare fields, focusing on senior care.

Are Navion Senior Solutions’ communities currently accepting new admissions?

Navion is welcoming new residents to our communities every day while following all local and state requirements. Our team is ready to listen to your needs, tell you about our communities, take you on a virtual tour, and address your individual questions. You can find contact information here.