7 Ways Less is More When Downsizing to Senior Living

by | Senior Living

If the idea of downsizing in retirement doesn’t appeal to you initially, perhaps considering it from a different perspective can help make the benefits clearer. For many, it feels like a loss to let go of the things you’ve spent your life working so hard to acquire. You need all that stuff, right? But actually, there’s science behind the concept that less is more. Per Psychology Today, letting go of excess can give you a greater sense of calm as well as being cathartic and cleansing. Here are some of the ways downsizing can give you more in senior living.

  1. More Freedom – The responsibilities of home ownership can be a constant source of stress. From home upkeep to extra expenses like insurance and property taxes to unexpected repairs, there’s always something to worry about. Senior living takes away these burdens so you have the freedom to enjoy retirement fully.
  2. More Time – Beyond the stress of a home, there’s also finding the time to take care of everything on that never-ending to-do list. In senior living, typically housekeeping, cooking and other daily chores can be done for you, giving you time to focus on doing the things you love instead.
  3. More Control over Budget – Unlike the unexpected expenses that come with a home, in senior living your monthly expenses are more predictable and communities often offer various pricing models that give you more control over how, when and what you’ll pay.
  4. More Amenities – It’s hard to find a house (or even a condo) with the range of resort-like amenities that senior living offers like an on-site salon and spa, fitness center, bistro café, cinema-style movie theatre, game room with billiards and dedicated art studios right outside your door.
  5. More Opportunity to Stay Active, Social and Engaged – Some of the greatest benefits of senior living are the opportunities the lifestyle offers. Staying active, connected and engaged is often much easier here than on your own at home because you have a full calendar of social events, activities, outings, fitness and enrichment classes and more all planned for you (based on the interests of residents, of course) each month!
  6. More Convenience – If retirement has finally freed you of the daily commute, you likely don’t want to trade that for more time spent going to and from the everyday services you need or shopping, restaurants and recreation you enjoy. In senior living you won’t have to because communities are often located in the center of it all for added convenience.  
  7. More Peace of Mind – Although you may be completely independent when moving to senior living, the fact that there are additional levels of support and care available if you were to need it can offer tremendous peace of mind. As can living in an environment with extra safety features, a design that supports limited mobility and that even offers transportation services.

You can see why downsizing to senior living is becoming a popular choice for retirees, even while perfectly healthy!